dear friend and / or associate,

we were born in july. it was cold, mostly. we would spend our afternoons chasing sun between buildings. heat is expensive. we found an immediate difference when we put the walls up. it feels good to make something of a space. we made things. we grew systems. i like systems. i like them because there are places to put things and also everything gets its own place. and remembering to take care of everything in it’s own time.

this is our coming of age, but we may need a second run at this at some point.

you know the real reason you throw a party is to give your friends an opportunity to show how much they love you. what if everyone had their birthday on the same day? i wish that this was a birthday party. it isn’t*.



*it also isn't an actual pool party.


MEANWHILE presents:

Opening: Wednesday 30 November, 5:30pm


30 November - 16 December 2016