You are the breath

You are the room

You are the soft bumping of limbs and moisture

Against surfaces


dear friend and/or associate,

Please join us for 'SEMI CASUAL' a collaborative project by Kelly O'Shea and Cooki Martin.

Opening: Wednesday 14 June, 5:30pm

15 June - 01 July 2017


We strive to create work that is a confusing blend of the satirical and the serious, as we often notice that confusion seems to be an important part of the contemporary art movement; and this effect is often mistook for nuance and intelligence, which we seek.

We may create work that encapsulates commentary on queerness, disenfranchised feminisms and abandoned activisms, reclamation of our bodies from both the hands of science and spirituality... (etc etc) Via this we aim to both inspire and deflate the audience equally.

We endeavour to make art that we like, and other people might like? This may provoke deeper thinking through its experience, and could even result in both parties being ever so differently different afterwards. But in what way exactly, we cannot tell you.

We freely admit that we have no idea what we are doing, but we also reserve the right to PRETEND we know exactly what we are doing.

We believe everything "will be ok", as long as it has hot pink as its background.

Do you use the idea of the impending apocalypse as a motivational tool? A guide to practising gratefulness?

Semi Casual seeks to investigate the "self-care" movement, within this post-internet age. Semi casual examines our inclination to seek self help, pleasure or replenishment through a digital space.