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It used to be that no one ever thought of lichen, it was some strange thing that grew in strange places, was both everywhere and nowhere. But lichen is taking over. There is a community that believes that Lichen is sent from some kind of void, to coat the surfaces, of our roads, our trees, our signs, that it is a map. A map to what? To nothing of course, it is not a map to but a map of. This lichen grows on our surfaces. Its strength is not in speed and velocity, of which it has little. But in its slowness. It grows very slowly, insidious, and supposedly gentle. But others know this to be untrue. We gather on the internet, to discuss and disseminate our literature on what we have dubbed the “lichen turn”.

Lichen although extremely sensitive, is a survivor. In fact, since learning of the lichen growth. I have realised that all the things I thought I knew about hardiness/invasiveness has been undone, or at least expanded. The lichen has taught me that strength is just one characteristic, lichen will survive the cockroaches, not through toughness or grit, but through adaptability and a willingness to compromise.