Through various voids in the rocks Samuel Jackson

01 - 18 February 2017

Online: Wednesday 01 Feburary, 5:30pm

Through various voids in the rocks can be viewed online here

Samuel Jackson is an artist and writer who works in new media, video, object making and text. He has particular interests in Technologies, Ficto-Criticism, Subjectivity, New Materialism, Myth and Conspiracy.

This ongoing Hyper-textual work by Samuel Jackson explores Lichens, their inhabiting of surfaces and relationship to the void. Lichens are rendered as mysterious, a surging force, a network of desire, both present and absent. They are both material and mythical renderings, interfaces, and cavities on surfaces that extend into the void. The multiple existences of Lichen are woven through relationships to conspiracy theory, sacredness and the other.

The work provides a platform for the artist (subject) and lichens (object) desire to be mapped out in a form of contestation. An immanent network of discourse and image is constructed, where Jackson’s attempt to de-privilege his own desire, consistently runs afoul of the subject orientated nature of language with lichen, reflected through a paranoid relationship to the other.